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L O P A U. K , C ,'%. L I F O It. N I A 9 4 0 '2 5 
19 January 1968 
Dr. L. G. Roberts 
Room 3D-169 
The Pentagon 
Washington, D.C. 20301 
Dear Larry: 
Enclosed is the material you requested January 9, at the SRI 
meeting of the ARPA Computer Network Working Group. This 
material is an assembled version of the material written, 
thus far, of the Group's Draft Report. It differs from the 
previously distributed sections in that it contains some 
changes made by me, primarily deletions of text; you can 
see I used the cut and paste method. 
In particular Sections III-B and III-C have been made much 
more concise. The remainder of the text has been modified 
to demphasize the non-switched circuits, and the 2.4 kbps 
Your comments on what we now have will be deeply appreciated. 
Much remains to be done. The table and charts that constitute 
Appendices A, B, C, G, and }I must be developed. Section II-E 
awaits some policy decisions. Sections III-F, IV, V, VI, VII, 
VIII, and IX need to be written. 
Kleinrock is expected to develop Section IV. I believe 
Sections III-F and VI can be completed soon after discus- 
sions with Kleinrock and Culler. 
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Functional Description of IMP 
A. Network Growth Sequence 
B. Acceptance Testing 
C. Reports to Users 
D; Documentation Delivery 
Acceptance Test 
A. Scope and Nature 
B. Evaluation and Acceptance Criteria 
C. Customer Preparations and Related Contingency Plans 
Documentation and Reporting, 
A. Tutorial Meetings 
B. Final Documentation 
1. Scope 
2. Formats 
Network Maintenancel and Operation 
Proposed Format 
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